Wizkid spotted singing Davido song Risky word for word (video)

Wizkid spotted singing Davido song Risky word for word (video)

Wizkid is undoubtedly one of Davido’s biggest fans. This is Big Wiz singing to OBO’s hit song, ‘Risky’ word for word.

It seems clearer that Nigerian top music stars Wizkid and Davido are indirectly telling fans that there is not any enmity existing between them as many have always thought.

However, over the years, there had been reports that Davido and Wizkid are envy of each other’s successes and based on how both of them don’t relate musically, people concluded there are issues with them.

No collaboration between them yet, but supporters can’t wait to see that happen in future, even though with what’s happening recently, we are more likely going to see the singers in a song.

Wizkid and Davido have been showing support to each other. And it had continued to occur, leaving many people to assume that these young men are biggest fan of each other.

You could recall in our previous report, we made mention of how Davido posted a video via his Instagram story which showed Wizkid and his crew members in a private jet singing the FEM crooner’s song.

Davido on the other hand, was spotted in a video having fun in a night club with Wizkid’s song playing in the background and him miming to it.

Furthermore, the current video shows Wizkid singing Davido’s hit song, ‘Risky’ word for word and it’s absolutely heartwarming to see Big Wiz proving he loves his colleague so much.

And with these proofs, we can say that no bad blood is surely existing between two of the most successful African music stars.

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