See What Can Make Wizkid Get Married

See What Can Make Wizkid Get Married

While some other men are envisioning beautiful proposals to the love of their lives, Wizkid is patiently waiting for his future wife to go on bend knee and pop the ‘Will You Marry Me?’ question.

As usual, Big Wiz stirred up trouble in the baby mama community and the feminist clan as he released his marriage requirements.

Wizkid on his Snapchat account (felaback) revealed that the lucky lady he picks to spend the rest of his life with, will have to propose to him. Wizkid clearly stated that the woman will have to get him a ring, go down on both knees as she begs him to say YES.

He added that while others might see his requirements as kooky, he is giving a big shout out to the woman that will eventually settle down with a ‘mad man’ like himself.

See the screenshot below!

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